Kuala Lumpur – The new Malaysia has inspired the upcoming Malaysia Fashion Week 2018 (MFW 2018) with “61 years of Malaysia” art showcase and an intensified effort to push the Malaysian fashion scene to the world. MFW 2018 Fashion, Art and Beauty will be held in Publika, Kuala Lumpur from 19-25 November 2018.


Organised by STYLO International, MFW 2018 is supported by Government Agencies, namely the Ministry of Consumer Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP), Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), Tourism Malaysia, Invest Selangor and the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL). It will be working alongside the Malaysian Bumiputra Designers Association (MBDA), Modestyle Asia and Asia Fashion Inc.


Going into its 5th year, MFW 2018, a Trade Fashion Week continues to promote innovative fashion with international business matching and trade talks with over 100 retail booths including China, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore.


According to Datuk Nancy Yeoh-Reissiger, Chairman of Malaysia Fashion Week, “Fashion week for ‘entertainment’ is a thing of the past. We need real business – trade. Trade is the key word whether for domestic and international consumption. MFW has such made in-roads into the US and China, and will have its first showcase in Miami in July 2019 in conjunction with the Miami Fashion Week (MFW will be held a week before) and will showcase all the things Malaysia is known for besides the sun – cruisewear, Modestyle and



“We are more than ready to penetrate into the huge and lucrative markets of Latin America and the Carribean,” she added. Norsham Blasko has been appointed as the Chair of MFW, United States. Co-chairing MFW 2018 is Bon Zainal, President of Bumiputra Designers Association (BDA). “While Datuk Nancy is concentrating on marketing Malaysia to the world, I am tasked with preparing the Malaysian designers for the domestic market with KPDNHEP, Invest Selangor, DBKL and Tourism Malaysia and then, eventually, exporting them with the help of MATRADE. All under the wholesome banner of Malaysia,” said Bon.


MFW 2018 will be infused with “art” apart from fashion and beauty. “61 years of Malaysia” art will showcase the works of Emerging Artists, a Royal Artist and Street Artists. “Malaysia has a lot of talented artists. But due to limited finance, they find it tough to showcase their works in art galleries anywhere. So we are grateful that MFW 2018 gives these emerging artists a great platform to showcase their works,” said Zoe Wu, curator of the Emerging Artists show. “Our artists are from 15 to 70 years old, so they are naturally very excited.”


The highlight of MFW 2018 will be live painting of “61 years of Malaysia” on a huge 8 feet x 12 feet canvas by 16 street artists. This live painting gives the street artists to express their own interpretation of the movement of Malaysia over the past 6 decades. The seven-day event will be further lit up with lifestyle brands including unique caravan, classic cars and bikes.


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