The second night of Mercedes – Benz STYLO Fashion Grand Prix 2013 saw not just a fashion showcase but also a sneak preview on the all new Mercedes “A” Class. It was driven into the ballroom by the first Malaysian female Formula One test driver, Natasha Seatter, in a fun twist surrounded by “Barbie doll” models. The car is due to be fully launched later this year. Touted as the pulse of a new generation, Mercedes – Benz is opening up a new chapter in its compact segment with an emotive in design, powerful engines, and extreme efficiency. The new sporty compact piece is set to tap into a new target group and market. The night was not all about cars. Designers representing the Asia Fashion Week & Rainforest Fashion Initiative showcased their designs soon after the soft launch. The showcase included designs from Dominique Chan and Nurita Harith of MODA, Alex Yap of YODA, and Wanpa & Hazree Wahid of BDA. The Asian Designers Showcase also included designs from Asian Fashion Inc.’s talent pool, namely Depression (Singapore), Nikicio (Indonesia), Suecomma Bonnie (South Korea), Vikas Dayal (India), Chand3lle (Hong Kong), Palasak (Thailand), JC Buendia and Em Mariano (Philippines). The designs showcased each country and its designers in their limitless best in terms of structure, colours, creativity, and distinctiveness.



Photos courtesy of Roben Lum.


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