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SuperGT 2012 – Race Day

It finally ended, the SuperGT 2012 in Sepang International Circuit came and gone within the last few days. In the final hours of the major racing event, saw the Hankook Porsche won the GT300 category in 1:47:57.011, while Endless Taisan 911 and Triple A Vantage GT3 won second and third  [ Read More ]


SuperGT 2012 – Round 3, Sepang International Circuit

The SuperGT 2012 Round 3 in Sepang International Circuit kicked off today with the SUPER GT Official Practices and Qualifiers. The weather was perfect: cloudy and warm, which was great for the drivers. During the Official Practice, car No. 6 Eneos Sustina from GT500 claimed the best time, 1:55.693, even  [ Read More ]