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Gardens Fashion Week 2012

Fashion Week 2012 had seen a number of clashes this year with Mid Valley having theirs at the same dates with Fashion on One, while Gardens clashes with the first week of Mid Valley Fashion Week. Luckily the timing between the two was spread out but still missed out on  [ Read More ]


Mid Valley Fashion Week 2012

Mid Valley Fashion Week 2012 started its public shows on last Wednesday, instead of the usual setup of beginning with the Gala Night, they opt to start off with the public show due to public holiday on 11 April 2012. The show started off with brands from Mom’s Care, followed  [ Read More ]


Pavilion Pitstop 2012

I went to cover Pavilion Pitstop 2012 about two weeks ago in conjunction with F1 2012 at Sepang. Fashion labels include The Mod House, G2000, Rabeanco, LeSportSac, Radley, Sembonia, Dressing Paula, TM Lewin and Marry Merry. This marks the third year I cover this fashion event, but this year was  [ Read More ]